Have you ever heard of “Dorian Gray”?

A young man he was innocent, loving and loveable! He loved Sibyl Vane, a girl he loved to the vein before all that love died in vain! Henry Wotton was the name, of the assertive lord of shame, who tricked Dorian with a matter of eternal beauty and fame! 

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Lord Wotton

Sibyl was a lovely and beautiful girl who looked up to Dorian and wanted nothing but to be together with him.




After Dorian was tricked, he became the subject of a self-indulgent, hedonistic lifestyle (courtesy of Lord Henry) and his love for Sibyl has faded away until he completely rejected her for she was no longer his fit and for him, the concept of having a life partner-in-love had already died.

Sibyl begged him to get back to her and quit this utter madness, he but reacted arrogantly and with no regards to their love!

Sibyl begging Gray

Sibyl learned of that and took her own life out of misery and deep despair.

Sibyl’s suicide

And thus came the end of a love story, that put Sibyl in the unrequited love pain, before she took her own life, that innocence, that beauty!

Dorian, on the other hand, received a diabolical fate, a divine justice as a result of his immoral acts and frowned-upon activities, causing his life to be an agonizing time of continuous remembrance to his old beloved, Sibyl, and each of his sinful acts taking its toll in a magic-imbued portrait painted of him; a portrait that ages as time passes! And while he never ages he is never serene; with the portrait bound to his very soul, every scratch, every colour fading from it and every disturbance caused to it only transfers to his own flesh, let alone if torn apart, so imagine his neverending paranoia… just imagine!

What is “Dark Art”?

The idea of dark art is to emit the concept of awe and/or fear into the audience. Dark Art could be observed by means of media i.e. pictures or videos, or it can be perceived through Dark Magic (We’ll talk about that later)!

When mixed with images of Surreality, Dark Art can prove daunting in a beautiful way. Surreal Art is illustrated in fashions of unreal characteristics (See attached photos).

Some people would find it loathing and disgusting that a person would have “such” tendencies to Dark Art or dark things in general, but they forget that; dark is how the world was created before light appeared. Appreciating dark is appreciating serenity, appreciating the inner being of each and every one of us, appreciating calmness and nature! Please check the beauty of Dark Art photos elaborated through different aspects below and give your thoughts in comments (All rights are Pinterest’s) 🙂

Intricate Conceptual Art – Pinterest-inspired

Ever wondered by looking at an image that you don’t know whether to tilt your head, get farther from the photo, get closer, glare at it; just because you know there is something you can’t find yet and at the same time there are lots of things you already gathered?! Wander around below 🙂