A collection of Dark Artwork

The idea of dark art is to emit the concept of awe and/or fear into the audience. Dark Art could be observed by means of media i.e. pictures or videos, or it can be perceived through Dark Magic!

When mixed with images of Surrealism, Dark Art can prove daunting, in such a beautiful way! Surreal Art is illustrated in fashions of unreal characteristics (See attached photos).

Some people would find it loathing and disgusting that a person would have “such” tendencies to Dark Art or dark things generally, but they forget that; dark is how the world was created before light appeared. Appreciating dark is appreciating serenity, appreciating the inner being of each and every one of us, appreciating calmness and nature! Please check the beauty of Dark Art photos elaborated through different aspects below and give your thoughts in comments (All rights are Pinterest’s) 🙂

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