Sibyl Vane

A young and innocent fellow was once in love with Sibyl Vane, a sweet girl who would do anything to be with him, but then that was not the case; all thanks to the devil’s evil intercession! The devil (Lord Henry Wotton) has tricked Dorian with a matter of eternal beauty and fame!

Image result for Lord Henry Wotton
Lord Wotton


After Dorian was tricked by lord Wotton, he became the subject of self-indulgence and hedonism , and embraced the lifestyle of pleasures, courtesy of Lord Henry. His love for Sibyl has faded away until he completely rejected her for she was no longer a fit for him and the concept of pure love has already vanished.

Sibyl begged him to get back to her and quit this utter madness, he but reacted arrogantly and with no regards rejected her, and forgot the bond they once had!

Sibyl and Gray

Sibyl could not stand to live after that and took her own life.

Sibyl’s suicide

And thus was the end of a love story, that committed Sibyl to the pain of an unrequited love, before she met her miserable and painful demise!

Dorian, on the other hand, met a diabolical fate – a divine justice – as a result of his immoral and frowned-upon tendencies, causing his life to be an agonizing time of continuous remembrance of his once-beloved Sibyl. Each sinful act of his took its toll upon him by being kept as a lifetime memoire – a magic-imbued portrait of his; a portrait that ages as time passes and mirrors his very soul! While he never ages he is never away from harm’s way; with the portrait bound to his very soul, every scratch, every stain on it, every colour fading from it and every disturbance caused to it is only interpreted into a never-ending fear thrown in his heart… Imagine what would happen if someone tore that portrait apart!


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